The Midwest is one of the most robust logistics corridors in the United States. Indiana, known as the Crossroads of America, is an ideal place to house your logistics hub for an array of reasons. By optimizing your position in Indiana, you can create meaningful and measurable benefits for logistics and distribution operations.


An Unparalleled Distribution Network

No matter how you choose to ship your products, with everything from truck to plane or train to barge, Indiana has a logistical edge that is truly unique. Indiana has more intersecting highways than any other state. Indiana is within a day’s drive of nearly 80% of the U.S. population insuring that your finished goods are always delivered on time. With three maritime ports, the state ranks 7th in waterborne shipping. Indiana offers the only statewide port system with direct waterway access to two U.S. coasts. It is also home to the 2nd largest FedEx air hub globally and 3rd in total freight railroad miles.

Indiana has also added new partnerships and programs in the last decade to prove further its commitment to expanding logistic reach. In the program, Major Moves, Indiana has invested $10 billion over ten years in transportation enhancement plans, which create 400 miles of new highways in addition to dozens of bridge projects and other infrastructure expansions. The Indiana Railroad Company (INRD) and the Canadian National Railway (CN) also agreed to a long-term partnership, which gives Indiana companies access to a secure network of rail lines with the potential to diminish transit times by eight to ten days for imports from the Asia-Pacific.

A Manufacturing Trailblazer

Did you know that in Indiana one of every 12 workers are employed in the industry sector? As compared to the rest of the country, Indiana has the largest state share of advanced manufacturing employment. With a Top Ten ranking in essential agricultural products like corn, soybeans, grains, and hogs, Indiana produces a lot! Thankfully, Indiana also had the geographical advantage and logistical excellence to distribute it resourcefully.

Warehousing and Storage Growth

Indiana knows logistics plays a vital role in a company’s profitability and a product’s success. It’s imperative that inventory is properly tracked, transported, stored and manufactured in a way that is efficient and effective. Indiana is ready to help companies meet their goals. In the last two years, Indiana has added 12.5 million square feet of warehousing and has a top 10 national warehousing workforce.

There are hundreds of logistics companies in the Midwest due to its central location, but Indiana has truly invested time, money, and heart into being the Crossroads of America. Understanding a company’s ability to proficiently and economically move goods around the state, the nation, and the world is vital to its success, an Indiana hub is the best choice for growing a business. Merchandise Warehouse has united the advantages of our strategic location in Indianapolis and employs our industry connections, and trusted partnerships with progressive companies to deliver all-inclusive supply chain management solutions that save time and money. For more information or to request a quote, please contact our customer service representatives.