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Philosophy: There are 3 Basic Core Values, 3 Basic Operating Principles, and 3 Basic Qualities of Good Communication upon which we run our business and serve our customers & employees. We strive to under promise & over deliver. We are committed to honoring God in all that we do by giving back to the community and actively supporting worthy charitable organizations.

Basic Core Values


1. Respect

2. Integrity

3. Professionalism

Basic Operating Principles


People support what they help create. We have developed processes that systematically mine the ideas of our team relative to specific, prioritized, agreed upon projects and objectives, allowing us to implement successful solutions with “buy in”.


If you don’t measure you can’t manage. As the saying goes: “In GOD we trust. All others bring data.”


Success requires consistent follow through and accountability. Our monthly and quarterly bonus program applies to the entire Merchandise Warehouse team and is based on targeted goals and KPIs, which insures a very high level of consistency and accountability.

Basic Qualities of Good Communication


Like a three legged stool, good communication must be:


1. Frequent

2. Functional

3. Fun (or at least Friendly)

At Merchandise Warehouse, we are dedicated to our customers and strive for excellence. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with warehousing needs.